Proof We Are Not Powerless

This post wraps up #BlogMarch2017, a movement created by the lovely Robin Renee to bring people together in order to raise voices for freedom of expression, knowledge, and information. Visit her blog tomorrow for a full recap of the march.

All month I’ve been reading the #BlogMarch2017 posts and have been in awe of people’s stories, their creativity, their voices… But more than anything I’ve been in awe of their courage. Here are people who refuse to remain voiceless in the face of adversity and struggle. Here are people who have the courage to live life by their own terms, be themselves, and speak their truths. And they’re willing to stand up for themselves and others, so that they may do the same.

What I’ve witnessed has reiterated what I already believe with all my heart: that we are not powerless. We are not victims of our circumstances. We have voices, faces, and ideas; strength to overcome and persevere; the freedom to expression and assembly; the right to resources and knowledge, and therefore, we are NOT helpless.

This applies to all struggles, personal, political and otherwise. We need not accept anything that we know in our hearts we cannot accept. We need not continue to surround ourselves with people who do not believe in us or support us. We need not continue to live unhappy, complacent lives. Be it as macro as a President you could never embrace as your own or the attack on women’s rights, or something more personal like a shitty job, toxic relationship or your weight, remember: WE ARE NOT POWERLESS.

Proof We Are Not Powerless

I will prove it.

Think of something you struggle to accept. Perhaps it’s another year at your depressing desk job? The rise in crime in your neighborhood? Another summer spent covered up at the pool because you hate the way you look in a swimsuit? Crippling debt? The attack on women’s rights in the United States? Your elected politicians? Your son’s messy bedroom? An addiction? A racist relative? A trauma from your past?

Some examples appear harder to take on than others, yes? But regardless of how overwhelmingly large your struggle may seem, how frightening, or how difficult, please consider it while I ask you a question: WHAT IS ONE THING YOU CAN DO RIGHT NOW to begin to change, express your feelings, and ultimately take ACTION against that which you cannot accept? In every single example there is at least one thing you can do right now to prove to yourself you are not helpless. It just takes a decision to DO ONE THING.

Things We Can Do

Write a letter or make a phone call, seek out a counselor or a doctor, start a meet-up to bring like-minded people together, throw away the junk food, balance your checkbook, channel your feelings through a creative medium, confide in someone, stand up and speak up! If you feel unempowered and afraid, your first ‘one thing’ may be to speak to someone that is or has been in a similar situation. Maybe it’s even just writing down the words in a journal. Everything in life begins with a first step. It doesn’t matter how small, as long as you use your power and take it.

Although we tend to isolate ourselves in our struggles, know that we are not alone with anything in this world. People all over are experiencing our same struggles. And when people come together, amazing things happen.

Remember, we need not accept anything we know in our hearts we cannot. Regardless of how large, frightening, or difficult the task to change or create change may seem, we are not powerless. There is one thing you can do right now to take action, no matter how small it may seem. And if we all begin to take action, we can set things in motion. If we set things in motion, we can change our lives. And if we can change our lives, we can collectively change the world.

Be sure to visit Robin Renee’s blog on June 1 for a full recap of #BlogMarch2017

Proof we are not powerless. #motivation
Proof we are not powerless. #encouragement



No matter your struggle, there is at least one thing you can do right now to begin to create change. It just takes a first step, no matter how small. #motivation #encouragement

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