The Blog

After years of taking on too much, I found myself in my early thirties overweight, overwhelmed and completely miserable. I no longer recognized myself. My relationships with those closest to me were damaged. Desperate for change, I set out on a journey of self-understanding and to crack the nut on my suffering. I started blogging in order to reflect on all I was feeling and learning, and hopefully to inspire others.

Within a few months, my priorities became clearer, my mind quieted, I became gentler, and my heart started to open. This has become a journey to my better self; one of personal and spiritual growth, as well as weight loss and recovery.

I continue to work toward reclaiming my innate state of happiness; returning to my basic nature, which is gentle and compassionate. In doing so, I become happier and healthier. It is my pleasure to chronicle what I learn in order to help others achieve a more peaceful existence. Please read my very first post, The Initial Crack, to read more about who I was when my journey began.


Jessica A. Walsh is a writer, wellness blogger and editor. She created Questions For Life: Two Year Guided Daily Journal For Intentional Living to provide people with a journal based on her own daily practice of reflecting on each day, expressing gratitude, capturing every day’s happiest moment, and answering a self-discovery question. She also co-edited Reading Glasses: Stories Through An Unpredictable Lens (Hypothetical Press, 2014), which includes her short fiction story “Unquiet Mind.” Her nonfiction story, “One for the Road” about how she found her beloved dog, Cooper is included in Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Very Good, Very Bad Dog (2016). Walsh serves as Vice President of Programming for the South Jersey Writers’ Group, and has been a member since 2011.

Walsh’s blog on her website at Jessicaannwalsh.com chronicles her journey of personal and spiritual growth, and weight loss and recovery. Her quest is to live a happier, gentler, and more compassionate life.

In addition to blogging, Walsh is actively writing her first novel, a women’s domestic drama inspired by her journey and experiences with addiction and mental illness.

Walsh has worked in the non-profit sector for over twelve years in various development and communications roles. Her current role is Data & Communications Manager at a national breast cancer organization.

In addition to writing, she also enjoys practicing yoga and meditation, reading and cooking. She attempts to live a simpler and more minimalist lifestyle in New Jersey with her husband and dog.